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    Mettle Mediation is about restoring a sustainable work relationship.

  • Workplace Mediation

    Voluntary, informal, confidential, safe, non-judgemental, impartial.

  • Benefits of Mediation

    Informal process, de-escalating, improves relations, develop new skills, increased awareness.

  • When is Mediation most Successful?

    When both parties are sincerely interested in improving the situation and need one another to do so. Mediation is about collaboration to create a win-win situation.

  • Mettle Mediation

    international en intercultural


Mediation is a confidential process: anything discussed during the mediation cannot be disclosed to anyone outside the process, unless the parties expressly agree to do so. Confidentiality begins when the mediator first makes contact with the parties. All notes taken by the mediator during the mediation are destroyed at the end of the process.


The mediator is completely independent: he or she is an impartial third party with no vested interest in the outcome.


The mediator does not establish who is right and wrong, as the process is non- judgmental. The emphasis is on learning about different perspectives and empowering the parties to take ownership of the solution.

Without prejudice

The term “without prejudice” means that anything revealed or discussed during the course of the mediation cannot be used to disadvantage either party in any subsequent litigation.

Flexible and informal

Parties can bring their dispute to mediation at any stage before, during or after a formal workplace or legal process takes place. The mediation process itself is entirely flexible: there are no limits as to what the parties can consider as agreement terms, provided that they are, in their view, realistic and achievable. The process is informal, to help the parties feel at ease, and is designed to be a safe and productive conversation, rather than a formal and restrictive process.

Voluntary and self-determining

One of the core strengths of mediation is that the parties are free to choose mediation to resolve a dispute, but are not compelled to do so. This puts responsibility and ownership of the process firmly in the hands of the parties. They decide whether or not they attend and stay for the duration, and what they agree to at the conclusion of the process. The process is designed to empower the parties to make decisions that best serve their interests. This helps to ensure that the parties are committed to the outcome.

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